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Carol Metz Murray

Shift Happens – Embrace It

Shift Happens – Embrace It!
With Carol Metz Murray

My guest today is one of our authors Carol Metz Murray for the book “The Impact of One Voice,” a book collaboration where authors share their voice, story, and message. Carol shares her private journey in life and how you can expect shift to happen and what you can do about it.

About my Guest:

My guest today is Carol Metz Murray, one of those true individuals that speaks directly from her heart to connect to yours.  Carol is a naked leader, and a phenomenal and mesmerizing communicator, making her one of the best in all that she does. Carol is one of those rare people that walks her talk.

She is a passionate spiritual entrepreneur, coach, mentor, speaker and consultant. She has been blessed with four wonderful children and eleven grandchildren. Carol passionately works with people who are comfortable being uncomfortable and ready to do what it takes to become naked leaders mining their potential.  Nothing less than our future depends on it.

Carol is tireless in her passion and beliefs. She invites you to discover this same life-affirming energy and enjoy a renewed experience as you move forward in your own journey.